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What are Lip Cancer Symptoms and its Signs?

Lip Cancer symptoms 

Lip cancer is a type of cancer that develops and grows in the lips, precisely in their tissues and cells. According to experts said that lip cancer is not only formed from the cells and tissues of lips, but also from the surrounding areas so that it could be categorized as oral cancer.

Lip cancer cells are often found in the most sensitive parts of the epithelial cells in lip, those are at the lower and upper of lip. If the cancer has been growing very much, this can develop into nerve cells or muscle inside of the mouth such as nerve cells, soft tissues, and muscle tissue in the neck, face and gums and this will require further treatment for treat it.
Based on survey, it’s found that women are more prone to get mouth cancer than men, especially those who have more than 40 years of age. In addition to gender and age, there are some other factors that may increase the risk of cancers such as excessive sun exposure, skin, and the effects of excessive smoking.


To Find out Whether Someone is Suffering from Lip Cancer or not, This can be Seen Based on The Lip Cancer Symptoms and Signs below.

  • Losing teeth

  • Bleeding from the mouth or around the area

  • Difficult to wear dentures

  • Have lymphadenopathy and non-colored bumps appear on the lips, mouth, or throat.

  • It's hard to swallow food, and even feel the pain when doing it

  • Jaw become swollen with pain

  • Have the unusual breathing

  • Pain in the mouth and throat

  • Mouth sores that can not heal by itself

  • Get earaches and appear unusual lumps in the neck

  • Have an itch that does not go away

  • There are one or more lumps in the mouth, throat, or tongue (especially on the lips)

  • The voice suddenly changed and turned into a hoarse voice

  • It's hard to chew foods like in normal condition


The possibilities of suffering from mouth cancer can be caused by the following factors:

  • Sex (usually men are more likely to suffer from lip cancer)

  • Exposed too much sun exposure

  • Have HPV or Human Papilloma Virus

  • Consuming excessive alcohol and tobacco (usually due to tobacco smoking too much)

  • Have light skin excess (abnormal) due to human modifications such as surgery or skin whitening


Some facts you should know about Lip Cancer symptoms

Lip Cancer symptoms 


Between the face tissue and it cells become interconnected. Organs that have malignant cancer cells can spread harmful cells to other organs rapidly by infecting healthy cells around it. As a result of this infection, a person could get lip cancer or the most commonly known as oral cancer (lip cancer is a part of group of mouth cancer or oral cancer). Based on survey results, obtained data showing that about 20 percent of the disease can recurrence even though those who were suffering from lip cancer have identified the symptoms and they had early treatment for treating and preventing the growth of cancer cells and for about 5-10 years after the occurrence, the threat of cancer recurrence is still possible.


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