Lip Cancer

Lip cancer

Do you know that lip may have cancer? If you don't, then I'll explain it to you. Cancer that occurs in lip area is called lip cancer. This is a category of oral cancer and if you already have the symptoms of this type, you must be careful because if you do not treat soon, it can spread to other organs of your body. Therefore, treatment in time is necessary to prevent its worst effect. That is the growth of malignant cells that can spread to areas around the lips and mouth.

Understand better what it is lip cancer

Lips is one part of the mouth that has an important role in performing various activities. If you've got lip cancer, your important activities would be distracted as the process of inserting the food, talk, and move the mouth. Imagine if you have it, you can’t put food in your mouth safely, you can’t pronounce words correctly when you talk and also produces a different sound because of the movement of the lips is impaired.

In addition to affecting important activities, the development of lip cancer can also affect an important role as a shaper of facial expressions lips of the sufferer. You will have difficulty in expression such as smiling or frowning. Therefore, it can be said that the lip is a most sensitive organ and can adversely affect the important activity or the basic activities conducted by all the people all the time.

Most people who have suffered from lip cancer is often got it in the lower lip and gradually has evolved is likely to spread to other areas. Stages of this cancer starts from infecting the cells lining the surface of the lip, followed by stages of penetration into more remote parts along to its development. Generally, squamous cells (cells forming cells lining the lips) is an area where the development of cancer cells and malignant cells. For this reason, we can know that the general form of this cancer type is squamous cell carcinoma. And one thing you should know that malignant cells can lead to cancer tumors after they spread rapidly in the cell. There's also some other types of this cancer, it is a basal cell cancer. The Type of this cancer is not dangerous like those are in squamous cell carcinoma because the infected cells are less dangerous and possibly spread to other areas is very small.

Tumors can be cancerous or benign depending on how the state of infected cells. Generally, healthy tissue is less likely to be attacked by a benign tumor and is not spread to nearby body parts because the tumor is not destructive. This type of tumor can be cured and also less likely to relapse. The other tumor types, the cancer tumor has the opposite properties over benign tumors, they are destructive and the damage is very high. They change the living cells into malignant cells in the surrounding area. And the worst, they can spread through the bloodstream and lymph nodes. For this reason they are very difficult to remove, and after some period of time may be coming back.

Tips for treating lip cancer

Early treatment is currently experiencing the best way to handle it. This is because when in the early stages, only the malignant cells spread gradually, and before they increase the speed along with the development of disease, are the appropriate steps to treat it immediately. And you also have to know what the causes of lip cancer. They are chewing tobacco or smoking. They inhibit tissue and damage it as well. Get excessive sun exposure and excessive alcohol consumption can also increase the risk of this disease and generally men aged over 40 years is more prone to have it. So, stay away from all the causes is a better way than cure it.

One of the main causes of lip cancer is HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). They are virus that develops as a result of the sexual activity of some sex partners are not carried out safely. Immune become damaged from the development of this virus and causing other problems because their immune systems are weakened. Hence, it needs a strong immune system to prevent the development as well as against cancer cells that cause cancer. Eat vegetables, fresh fruits, and salads in your diet and avoid oily food. And consult yourself when you experience loss of appetite or unusual weight loss. Medical check-up routine is a good way to find out how the development of cancer. Especially for lip cancer cases, by a medical check-up, you can detect whether the cancer developing reaches the lips as the development of cancer of the other body part.

To find out how the intensity or the nature of cancer is not a difficult thing because of the basic techniques of diagnosis. To learn How development or tumor origin can be determined through the method of CT scan (Computed Tomography), MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), X-ray, ultrasound, and biopsy. And to detect primary symptoms can be do it through physical examination of the lips or other mouth area. There is one technique to find out how cancer cells affect the body's internal, it is the endoscopic technique. And sometimes in some cases, it is often advisable to perform other tests such as exfoliative cytology, PET scan (Positron Emission Tomography), and barium swallow.

The Line systematic treatment is a way to treat lip cancer. If cancer is already in an advanced stage, it is advisable to have some common treatments such as radiotherapy (radiation treatment) or chemotherapy (chemical treatment). As for the cancer in early or middle stages are often treated with surgery by most people's lips. Cancer patients need to be able to know the usefulness of treatment thoroughly and understand its nature before choosing what type of medication taken because of some kind of treatment can give side effects and permanent damage to the entire body especially treated area.

Lip Cancer

Options for alternative cancer treatments you

Most of the doctors or health experts always advise cancer patients to undergo cancer treatments such as radiation therapy, surgery, or chemotherapy. Basically, these three should be done to prevent cancer growth. This topic provides you some alternative cancer treatments in addition to medical treatment.

Lip Cancer

Prostate Cancer Treatment

One of the cancer types that often affected by men is prostate cancer. Types and appropriate treatment for prostate cancer is necessary because it can lead to symptoms and side effects are not good for patient survival. For more info please visit this page.

Lip Cancer

Important Role of Screening in Detecting Oral Cancer

Screening is a way that most people use to detect any oral cancers such lip cancer or throat cancer. It’s more effective way than visual examination that physician conducted during identification for cancer cells. For more info, please open this page.

lip cancer

Metastatic Prostate Cancer

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Lip Cancer

Lip Cancer Symptoms and The Signs

Do you know what are the Lip Cancer symptoms? If you have some of these symptoms, you should hurry to check up your lip to specialist doctor in this area. But, before do that, you have to know some of the symptoms right? please you read my topic about symptoms of the cancer.

lip cancer

Lip Cancer Treatments

This topic provides you some information about treatment for lip cancer. Generally, it can be prevented, but if it's too late, you're going to take some care. Please visit the page related to that topic for more detail.

 lip cancer

The Cause of Lip Cancer

This section explain you about the cause of lip cancer and some of factors that may increase its risk. You will also find a few tips to reduce the risk of this cancer. Please visit this page for more info.

lip cancer

Lip Gloss Effect on Lip Cancer Risk

You may be wondering if lip gloss has an influence in increasing the risk. On this topic you will find an explanation of why lip gloss can be categorized as a cause that could increase the risk. For more info please check yourself.
lip cancer

Classification, Symptoms, and Treatment for Oral Cancer

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lip cancer

Effect of Periodontal Disease to Oral Cancer

In this section will explain you all info about the effects of periodontal disease to oral cancer. The effect is it may increase the risk of oral cancer, throat cancer, and the other ones. So, If you want to know more such definition of periodontal disease and its causes, please visit the topic.

lip cancer

Overview of Tongue Cancer

In addition to lip cancer, tongue cancer is also one of the categories of oral cancer. To find out if you get tongue cancer, you should know what the symptoms of tongue cancer are. For more details please visit the topic.

lip cancer

Tongue Cancer Symptoms

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lip cancer

Throat Cancer

This topic contains information about throat cancer. It is cancer that occurs in all parts of the throat. In addition, information such as signs and symptoms and the factor risks that may increase the risk of throat cancer are also available here. For more details please visit the page.

Lip Cancer

Black Hairy Tongue

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